Recreation Planning

L 1.1 Layout Plan



Pollinator Garden at the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks, OK features New Foundation Plantings with Woody Trees and Flowering Shrubs, Pollen Producing Perennial Flowering Plants, Essential Plant Material for Feeding and the Larval Stage of Pollinators, Naturalistic Walking Trails with Decomposed Granite, Wooden Trellis’ with Stainless Steel Cables and Ornamental Vinyl Fencing.



This project was requested for the growing youth department at
Rhema, and the need for outdoor amenities on site.  This project
includes a Rain Garden, Sand Volleyball Court, Fire Pit, Synthetic
Turf, Sitting Area with Seat Walls, Shade Structures, Landscape
Lighting, & Irrigation.


Bike Trails & Sports Centers

Common among many cities nationwide is the growing need for
Sports and Outdoor activities.  This project in Sigourney, IA for French-Reneker Associates,
features links to regional bike trails and supports the famous Iowa Bicycle Festival “Ragbrai”.
The trail includes both Road Cycling and Off Road Mountain Bike Trails.  Seen below is the Main
Trail Head with Softball, Soccer, Restrooms and



Urban Planning2




Site Amenities

An essential element to any development is the Site Amenity. 
The special designation of small areas within a site as an
amenity can greatly enhance the appeal of your project to
future home owners.

Parks and Open Spaces are at the heart of what we do here at Oklahoma Landscape Architects. Our passion for Recreation Planning continues to grow with each project that we have the honor to design and see each phase of construction to completion. But what we really enjoy is to watch the outdoor spaces that we have designed, being used by the people who benefit from its features.

Any age group, including those who are mentally or physically handicapped, infirmed, or incarcerated, can participate in recreational and athletic activities. Physical activities go beyond athletic programs and exercise for youth and professional teams to embrace every level of skill, physical stature and every interest. New equipment, activities and instructional programs are constantly appearing. Outdoor recreation continues to be of prime importance for family oriented activities, and over 94% of Americans participate in at least one form of outdoor recreation. (National Survey on Recreation and the Environment, USDA Forest Service)

Oklahoma Landscape Architects employ national standards for recreational planning, and our primary factor is Health, Safety & Welfare of the people who will be enjoying these outdoor spaces. User safety for each activity we design is the most paramount concern with our team, and in turn will provide the end goal of user satisfaction. Another national standard is Provisions for Elderly & Handicapped Users. Our designs always serve individuals with mobility issues, whether temporary or permanent, to ensure access, mobility & safety. All projects comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act from the U.S. Department of Justice. Another factor that is critical to the end user satisfaction is the daily maintenance and operation of these outdoor spaces, and is considered throughout the design process. With our previous experiences in maintenance, we know that responsible design of these recreational facilities will be maintainable in the future.

We have the skills and experience to plan and design your Open Space Project, whether it is a Greenway, Parkway, Private Park or Recreation Facility, Youth Athletic Complex, Community Park and also a Backyard Playground, Oklahoma Landscape Architects is available to help.


While working with Rhema Bible Church in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, we were asked by the leadership at the ministry to design a volleyball court for the new Youth Building.Oklahoma Landscape Architects Rain Garden 1 The existing site had some runoff issues that would cause stormwater to sheetflow across the volleyball court, causing the sand to wash out into the Maintenance Facility for the college. This was a perfect opportunity to develop a Rain Garden for the site. The 1000sf Rain Garden uses local plant material that is listed on the Oklahoma Rain Garden Plant List to filter and clean stormwater from the building and paved areas, and then the water is stored and percolates in order to recharge the water table. The Youth Building Volleyball Court also has a 15’ wide Synthetic Turf staging area along the entire length of the Volleyball Court with planting rows that define the space and provide separation from the adjacent parking areas. There are Natural Stone Seatwalls with Stucco face that matches existing architecture on site, with a matching gas operated Fire Pit, surrounded by Outdoor Seating, Plantings and Landscape Lighting. This site is dedicated to the Youth Ministry, and is used on a regular basis, providing memorable experiences that will last a lifetime.


Oklahoma Landscape Architects Rain Garden

Integrity Development Group, L.L.C. asked us to design a 9.5 acre Amenity Center on the north side of Wynstone neighborhood in Coweta, Oklahoma. This site includes 2,940lf of trails, Secluded Sitting Areas, Arboretum, Wildflower Gardens, Adventure Playground, Open Spaces, Dense Plantings and a Private Dog Park for the Wynstone Neighborhood. This Conceptual Layout of the site is in the Design Development Phase, and will be sure to be a space enjoyed by the neighborhood for generations to come.



Oklahoma Landscape Architects Recreation Planning Dog Park

Bike trails are an ever increasing element of Recreation Planning. This Bike Trail System in S.E. Iowa was designed to provide access to this town for the popular Ragbrai Bike Festival, as well as provide Mountain Bike Trails for the surrounding community. This trail is connected to the main circuit providing access for users to Hotels, Restaurants and to a new Sports Facility on the north side of town, designed by Luke Willis, PLA. This park is the main Trail Head Facility to the Bike Trail System and includes Softball Facilities, Soccer, Playground, Concessions, Restrooms & Parking.

Swimming Pools will always be a favorite among users of all ages, backgrounds and demographics. Swimming Pools provide a social gathering area for communities, neighborhoods and individual families. Site Amenity Centers for neighborhoods and apartment complexes can provide a rich experience when they include swimming facilities. When space is limited, for smaller backyards and outdoor areas, Hot Tubs or Swim-In-Place Pools can be incorporated. Oklahoma Landscape Architects has great experience designing these types of projects in California, Texas, Iowa, Missouri, and here in the great state of Oklahoma, and will be sure to provide you with a great swimming facility.

The unique classifications, and necessarily flexible applications of the broad spectrum of Recreation Planning requires extensive knowledge and experience in order to design and implement such a project. Oklahoma Landscape Architects has the Knowledge, Skills and Ability to provide excellent service to you and develop the site to your needs, on time and within budget. Successful Recreation Planning focuses on creating systems that respond to your values, needs and circumstances with landscape features that provide the Experience in Oklahoma Landscape Architects Vision Statement – To design an Experience that will last for generations.

Remember, our heart is in the design of Your Outdoor Space. Recreation Planning is the tool we use to make sure your vision is implemented. Our first site visit and consultation is free to you! This is the meeting where we come together to discuss your ideas, needs and expectations. We are very excited to help with these types of projects, and we have many years of experience designing and hands-on-building these spaces; probably more than any local firm. Take advantage of our experience and Free Initial Site Visit Today!